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Medical services team

In 2017, a small team of dedicated doctors established Masr Bela Marad (Egypt without Disease [EWD]) as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Egypt to treat people living in slums and underprivileged areas around Egypt. Now in their 6th year, they have since grown in numbers and types of services they provide.


Hearing Loss or Impairment

Hearing loss or impairment is one of the most common health problems affecting 16% of the Egyptian population.

This initiative was originally started by EWD for children with hearing impairment. 60% of hearing loss in children is attributed to preventable causes such as infections like mumps, measles, rubella, meningitis, and cytomegalovirus infections. The service is now extended to the hearing impaired of all ages.

Mobile Disability

EWD is providing hundreds of wheelchairs to children and young adults to enable them to get an education or work that is not only vital for their future and a way out of poverty, but has given freedom and independence to them, and much relief for their families.

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Renal Dialysis Care

EWD established the first centre in Qena Governorate in Upper Egypt that provides a high quality standard of service and care to all its patients. They are also working towards opening more much needed renal centres throughout Egypt, especially in remote areas.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Mental Health
& Substance Addiction
Medical convoys & Mobile Clinics
Visions for the Future

Many prematurely born babies don’t make it for either lack of availability of NICUs or the unaffordable daily cost of care to the family. Currently, EWD have made 10 fully equipped NICUs available in Nagaa Hamadi, Qena, Upper Egypt, to help save the premature babies.  EWD are working to establish more units in other governorates in Upper Egypt.

EWD established a rehab centre in Beni Suef, Upper Egypt to provide counselling and rehabilitation support to these patients. There is also a guest house for those trapped by substance addiction and abuse, to rehabilitate them mentally and physically to return to the community, to work, and support their families.

62 Mobile Clinics have covered needs and specialties such as, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics, Internal medicine, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Dental, Vision, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), in addition to conducting health awareness sessions for local communities during the convoys.

The Medical Services Team has two major dreams. The first is to set up a major clinic in every underprivileged suburb in all of Egypt, extending from Alexandria to Aswan, to provide patients with specialist medical care according to their needs. The second is to build a major hospital, fully operating hospital in every Governorate around Egypt.

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