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Making A Difference With Your Support

Thanksgiving Australia Inc. is a not-for-profit charity organisation, that believes every human being deserves dignity and respect and has the right to essential, basic needs in life. 

We exist to bring about positive change in the lives of struggling communities by aiding the underprivileged and those living below the poverty line, providing medical services, education, projects for job creation, and fundamental human rights for existence. 

Our Vision

To establish self-sustainable communities, in underdeveloped countries, that will create positive change and generates a better quality of life for many generations to come.

Our Mission

We are building the lives of people in underdeveloped countries who are disadvantaged by poverty. Giving them hope and empowering them to support themselves, their families and to contribute to the wider community for a brighter future for all.

Our humble beginnings

Thanksgiving Australia was established as an incorporated association in New South Wales and registered as a not-for-profit charity organisation in November 2018. Approval from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) to issue tax-deductible receipts was acquired in March 2020. 

The concept of creating a charity began after a group of philanthropic members participated in a number of charity expeditions to Egypt, Africa, and Asia. Seeing the amazing work of not-for-profit organisations there and the impact they have on struggling communities, the founding members of Thanksgiving Australia became eager to personally contribute financially. 

Thanksgiving Australia Inc. was then established due to unprecedented requests of people wanting to also contribute and partner with these not-for-profit organisations by funding their projects.  

These projects are founded on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as set out by the United Nations, and aim to provide building blocks for sustainable developments in struggling communities to relieve poverty, suffering, and distress.


Here are just some of those developments;- 

  • Primary and tertiary medical attention, and health awareness and well-being. 

  • Quality education to both children and adults, beginning with the basic needs of reading and writing and then furthering their studies. 

  • Job creation/self-employment by educating and providing professional advice on small farming and trade businesses. 

  • Vocational training in skills such as mechanical, garment, and footwear production and weaving amongst many other skills. 

  • Empowerment to women of all ages by giving them the opportunity to get an education and employment, to help provide for their family and break out of the poverty cycle. Providing family education on how to successfully care for their children, family, and themselves, gives them a sense of worth and dignity. 

  • Provide clean water, electricity, recycling methods, and infrastructure to communities for sustainability. 

Areas of Support

Thanksgiving Australia Inc. is committed to working to achieve the 17 sustainable goals set out by the United Nations where possible, to improve the livelihood of the underprivileged in Egypt, Africa, Asia and beyond. 

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